Givenchy template square stencil

  • $10.99
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Unique Givenchy Pattern Stencil for baking or furniture DIY projects. 

All stencils are reusable many times so you can fully fulfill your DIY craft potential. In Luxgiftz you can shop luxury brand stencils or order a customized stencil with your brand’s logo to stand out. 

Stencil’s size: 
Length: 4,92 Inches (12,5 cm)
Width: 5.67 Inches (14,4 cm)

Symbol Size: 
Length: 0.94 Inches (24 mm)
Width: 0.83 Inches (21 mm)

NOT machine washable! Only by hands!

Want a stencil with your company’s logo or maybe personal monogram? Send us a message!